Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Sale

The communication "the Company" shall mean ARROW AVIATION SERVICES, "Customer" shall mean any person, firm, company or corporation what so ever trading with the Company.

The Firm order place by the Customer should be minimum Order Value: USD250.00 or AED 1000.00. Order Less than USD250.00 or AED 1000.00 will not be accepted.

The Spare Parts /Goods will be sold to the Customer at the price. Price is subject to change without prior notice on account of any change in duty, tax, surcharge or levy of any kind. For all wire transfer transaction’s a charge of $50.00 per transaction will be levied.

Unless otherwise stated the Company will levy an A.O.G. service charge of $175.00 per shipment for goods dispatched after normal office hours (09:30 - 18:30 Sunday - Thursday).

We commit our time of delivery as accurately as possible, but is not the subject of any condition, warranty or representation. It is, therefore, subject to extension, but not limited to, for delay due to strikes, lock outs, works breakdown, delay in transit, shortage of materials, government regulations or requirements or any other cause beyond the company control.

Made to Order or Special orders placed by the Customer can’t be cancelled. For regular orders if Customer cancel’s the order then Customer will be liable to reimburse the Company for all expenses incurred in the placing and cancellation of the order plus a 25% cancellation fee.

The Company quotation may contain additional information concerning individual parts or Alternate Parts offered and it is fully Customer’s responsibility to understand the conditions of the quotation prior to placing any Firm order.

The Customer shall be responsible for complying with any legislation or regulations governing the importation of the goods in the country of destination and for the payment of any such duties and the company will not be responsible or entertain any such claim by the customer.

Return Policy & Credit

We at Arrow Aviation Services are proud of our quality products. We strive to make every effort to provide our customers with the most reliable product. However, if a problem develops in a supplied component that requires return, please contact our Sales Executive. Returned material must be accompanied by a copy of the issued Original FAA8130-3 /EASA-FORM 1 or related paper work with all listed requirements completed.

Returned goods are subject to a minimum restocking fee of 25% of the purchase price. Opened or unsealed items must be recertified and returned to the original condition in which they were shipped. Non-warranty recertification charges are the responsibility of the customer.

Reports of shortages must be made within 7 days of receipt of goods. Where delivery is other than in the Company's own transport or carrier, the Company shall not in any circumstances be responsible for the loss, damage or destruction of the goods. The Customer should in his own interest give notice to and subsequently claim from the carrier as required by the carrier's regulations. A copy of the notice and claim shall at the same time be sent to the Company who (whilst the Company cannot accept any responsibility) will give the Customer any assistance the Company considers appropriate in connection with the proper claim against the carrier.

If the Customer wishes to return goods purchased from the Company then a Return Goods Authorization Form must be obtained from the Company. Once completed in full the RMA should be attached to the original airworthiness documentation (FAA Form 8130 and/or EASA Form One) and returned with the goods. Goods arriving at the Company without a completed RMA form will not be considered for credit and 25% of Re-Stocking will levied on the customer. If any technical defect or Company has supplied wrong part against demand Part or supplied without FAA8130-3 / EASA FORM ONE, then Company is fully liable to give a Full credit to Customer and Customer can return the Unit to Company for Full Credit.

Requests to return goods for credit must be made within 15 days from date of dispatch from Company and be accompanied by the Company’s RMA form. And to be returned at the Customer’s entire expense including prepaid freight and customs charges.

The Company reserves the right to charge a restocking fee for items correctly supplied but subsequently returned for credit. Re-Stocking / handling charges are 25% of the Invoice value on items supplied. Recertification charges may also be applicable if the item has been removed from its original sealed bag and/or if the original airworthiness documentation is not returned. Any Special made to order Items for the Customer and dispatched by the Company are non-refundable and no credit will be issued for such items.

Exchange Agreement

Goods offered for a component exchange transaction are offered as ‘Normal Exchange’. In this Exchange, you agree to return an acceptable core unit to ARROW AVIATION SERVICES within 15-20 Days after the date of the invoice. Core not received on or before the due date will be invoiced a daily late charge of 2% of the core charge price. The core unit must be Guaranteed Economically Repairable and able to be certified to the condition of the original exchange unit ARROW AVIATION SERVICES provides to you.

In the event that your unit cannot be economically recertified, you agree to one of the following options.

  1. Share in any excessive repairs cost in addition to the original exchange fee.
  2. Pay the stated core charge in addition to the exchange fee and have your unit returned as your property or scrapped at Overhaul agency premises/shop.
  3. Supply an acceptable substitute core for evaluation and pay the evaluation fee of the unit being returned.
  4. If the failed unit is found to have a no verifiable problem, the customer will be charged a minimum of $450.00 to rectify the returned unit.
  5. The customer agrees to pay all attorney fee should litigation become necessary to enforce this agreement.

To be Guaranteed Economically Repairable:

The cost to repair/overhaul the core must not exceed 70% of the original exchange price. All cores must be returned to ARROW AVIATION SERVICES within the time stated above in order to avoid any additional billing. All cores must have documentation tracing the unit to an FAA approved source and a “non-incident” statement. Failure to provide this information may result in the non-acceptance of the core and result in the outright billing of the core value.

Core Return Terms & Condition

The core unit required to complete the exchange must be returned to the Company within 15-20 days from the date of dispatch of the serviceable component. If the core be received by the Company after this period then a late return fees equivalent to 15% of the outright sale price per month may be charged, unless agreed previously by the company.

The Core Trace form which must be completed to ensure traceability of the returned core, is supplied with the serviceable component. Core units received at the Company without the completed traceability will not acceptable. Failure to provide Trace Form the core will be returned to the customer and charged additionally for outright sale as well as invoiced for the freight charges for returning the core.

The serviceable exchange unit supplied will be correct to part number and complete. Please ensure that the core is in the same complete state. Any items found to be missing from the returned exchange core will be charged additionally.

Payment Terms & Condition

Payments are Payable in the name of ARROW AVIATION SERVICES FZE. The Customer undertakes to pay for all goods or services supplied by the Company within 30 days from the Date of Invoice. Failure to settle outstanding payments within the company’s specified period can result in the Company withdrawing the Customer’s credit account facilities and taking legal action to recover the overdue amounts and any interest on the outstanding balance.

All the Supplied Spare Parts / Goods remain the property of the Company until unless Customer has paid for it in full.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

The Company warrants any new item to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of 12 months from date of dispatch from OEM or Supplier. For Overhaul condition Item to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of 06 months from date of dispatch Factory or Supplier or any Serviceable or Repair Item to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of 03 months from date of dispatch Factory or Supplier . The warranty covers any serviceable rotable supplied by the Company, irrespective of its tagged condition, providing that the Company is notified within 7 days of discovery of any defect and that the defective item is returned together with a fully completed Returned Material Authorization form.

The warranty period for any repaired or replaced part is limited to the unexpired period of the original warranty provided and not from the date of the replacement.

Where goods supplied by the Company are alleged by the Customer to be defective or unsatisfactory they shall not form the subject of any claim for work done by or on behalf of the Customer, or for any loss, damage or expense whatsoever arising directly or indirectly from such defect or unsatisfactory work. Such goods, if returned to the Company and accepted by the Company as defective, having taken into account the preceding clauses, shall either be repaired or replaced by the Company or credit for the price or part thereof will be given to the Customer.

Warranty replacement units are charged at the original supply price and should the claim be accepted then credit will be issued against the invoice for the replacement part.

The Company will not liable of all obligations under this Warranty if:

  • The unproven defect in the part is due to misuse or negligence on the part of someone other than the Company or the repair facility that the claim is on.
  • The Company identification mark, name or serial number has been removed from the part in question.
  • If the part is damaged as the result of another component in the aircraft being faulty.
  • If the testing procedure is outside the parameters laid down by the component's O.E.M.