Arrow adds another Feather in the Cap

In our pursuit to achieve 100 percent in-house capabilities for full Hartzell Propeller Repairs and Overhaul, we are now a few companies in the World to have Steel Hub and Clamp Hartzell Shot Peening Approval.

Arrow provides Propeller Repairs and Overhauls following OEM standards and transparency to its processes checks etc as well warranties to its workmanship.

Try us out at your next Propeller Overhaul. There upkeep and good health plays a major role in safe and efficient flying as well as longevity to the over all condition of the Aircraft.

Steel Hub and Clamp Hartzell Shot Peening Approval

In continuation to Support Aircraft Operators in the region we have received Maldivian Civil Aviation Authority ( MCCA ) approval for Propeller Services in real quick time. This adds to the list of existing Indian CAR -145 and Nepal Civil Aviation Authority Approvals.

Earlier in the year Arrow became part of the Prestigious Hartzell Propeller Recommended Service and Support network after being approved as a Service and Support Centre.( Link - )

Process upgradations and capabilities in 2022

  • Hartzell approves Arrow for Aluminum Hub and Aluminum Knob shot peening
  • Inhouse capability of Plating including Cadmium.
  • NDT capabilities to provide in situ services.

Arrow is the only Prop Overhaul shop in the Indian Subcontinent to have all the three major OEM approvals/Authorizations

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