DC H10-66 Aviation Headset 18283G-03 | David Clark

David Clark 18283G-03 H10-66 Aviation Headset | 18283G-03

Description :

This David Clark H10-66 Dual Impedance Headset is a top of the line headset that is ideal for fleet operations. It is 100% made in America. This dual impedance headset has a switch that allows it to work with both high and low impedance setups. It is made for helicopters (U-174/U plug) and is classified as a military-grade headset (FAA TSO approved). With a certified noise reduction rating of 27 decibels and M-101 amplified dynamic microphone (flexible boom), you'll have no problem hearing the guys on the other end and vice versa. As is standard with David Clark headsets, you get a variety of comfort features, including undercut gel ear seals that cup and protect your ears and head. You can feel safe and secure every time you put on your David Clark H10-66 Dual Impedance headset knowing that they're protected with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.

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